About me

I’m a nerd. I have been my whole life.

Scifi, comics, video games, computer games, science….These are the things I like.

oh, and beer. I like beer. Good beer…

…and Michelob Ultra…it’s a guilty pleasure…don’t give me that look.


Oh. And The Dresden Files. Greatest book series of the century. I don’t care that we’re only 14 years in. I’m still willing to make that claim. That’s how fracking good it is.

I have a tendency to start typing a post intended to be a short blurb and it turn into a lecture. People usually like them or have something to say about them, so I’ve decided this is where I’m going to put them from now on.

I also occasionally write letters from one inclusive generality to another inclusive generality. People keep telling me those generally fall into one of two categories: funny or refreshing to hear. Those are going to go here as well.

…and whatever else I decide to throw on here.



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