Some interesting numbers compared to current national populations…(All numbers recorded are from date of posting unless otherwise stated)

The Facebook page One Million Moms actually only has a little under 64,000 likes.
Nations with smaller populations: 36

In 2012, there were 180,000 total cases of Leprosy on record world-wide.
Nations with smaller populations: 93

As the largest (by number of stores) restaurant chain in the world, Subway had approximately 245,000 employees at the end of Q1 of 2011.
Nations with smaller populations: 57

There are approximately 400,000 people world-wide who were born with albinism. Nations with smaller populations: 68

Best estimates by religious scholars puts the total population of Hebrews during the time of Exodus at around 600,000.
Nations with smaller populations: 67 (sidenote: This is also larger than the smallest US state by pop. in 2012: Wyoming, 576,412)

The 2012 population of Idaho was 1,596,000.
Nations: 90

At year end 2011, federal, state and county prisons and jails reported a nationwide total of 2,266,800 adults incarcerated in the US.
Nations: 102

The NRA currently claims to have over 5 million members (whether or not that is actually how many they have, I don’t know).
Nations: 125

The global death rate (deaths per 1,000 people) in 2011 was 8.12, meaning statistically there were roughly 57,603,000 deaths world-wide that year.
Nations: 220
Only 23 nations have a larger population.

If you condensed all those deaths to the lowest population countries, 105 nations would cease to exist and Lithunia would lose 40% of it’s population of nearly 3M citizens.

All national population numbers from Wikipedia.